Dimroth-Watson's distribution

Dimroth-Watson's distribution
= Watson's distribution
French\ \ distribution de Dimroth-Watson; distribution de Watson
German\ \ Dimroth-Watsonsche Verteilung; Watson-Verteilung
Dutch\ \ Dimroth-Watson-verdeling; Watson-verdeling
Italian\ \ distribuzione di Dimroth-Watson; distribuzione di Watson
Spanish\ \ distribución de Dimroth-Watson; distribución de Watson
Catalan\ \ distribució de Dimroth-Watson; distribució de Watson
Portuguese\ \ distribuição de Dimroth-Watson; distribuição de Watson
Romanian\ \ distribuţie Dimroth-Watson; distribuţie Watson
Danish\ \ Dimroth-Watsonfordeling; Watsonfordeling
Norwegian\ \ Dimroth-Watson fordeling
Swedish\ \ Dimroth-Watsonfördelning
Greek\ \ διανομής Dimroth-Watson για; διανομή του Watson
Finnish\ \ Dimrothin-Watsonin jakauma; Watsonin jakauma
Hungarian\ \ Dimroth-Watson eloszlás; Watson-eloszlás
Turkish\ \ Dimroth-Watson dağılımı; Watson dağılımı
Estonian\ \ Dimroth-Watsoni jaotus; Watsoni jaotus
Lithuanian\ \ Dimroth ir Watson's skirstinys; Dimroto ir Votsono skirstinys; Watson skirstinys; Votsono skirstinys
Slovenian\ \ Domroth-Watsonova porazdelitev; Watsonova porazdelitev
Polish\ \ rozkład Dimrotha-Watsona; rozkład Watsona
Russian\ \ распределение Димрота-Уотсона; распределение Уотсона
Ukrainian\ \ -
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ Dimroth-Watson dreifing; Watson dreifing
Euskara\ \ Dimroth-Watson-ren banaketa; Watson-ren banaketa
Farsi\ \ tozi-e Dimroth-Watson; tozi-e Watson
Persian-Farsi\ \ -
Arabic\ \ توزيع دايمورث- واتسن، توزيع واتسن
Afrikaans\ \ Dimroth-Watson-verdeling; Watson se verdeling
Chinese\ \ 戴 罗 思 ― 沃 森 分 布; 沃 森 分 布
Korean\ \ Dimroth-Watson 분포

Statistical terms. 2014.

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